Our business offers many different types of services and inspections depending on what our clients demands are. They can also be customised to suit particular requests from individuals or companies. All of our inspections are mobile which we attend wherever the vehicle is located. They are backed by a highly detailed easy to understand report which specifically identifies faults, condition and future suggestions regarding the vehicle.


A Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection consists of organising to get a vehicle inspected before purchase OR before sighting the vehicle especially for interstate customers. This is the most popular type of inspection which includes a full comprehensive detailed inspection of the vehicle, extensive photos if required, vehicle history certificate & diagnostic scanning if requested. Verbal communication will be provided after completion of the inspection, a comprehensive inspection report & a vehicle history certificate will be sent to you the same day.


A Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspection consists of organising a vehicle inspection on your own vehicle before you decided to put it up on the market for sale. This type of inspection will provide you with independent knowledge of the condition of your vehicle & any outstanding issues or repairs that may need attention – From this you will be able to eliminate any unwanted offers and discriminations upon your vehicle based on others opinions which may be used against you to negotiate price. This inspection may also be used for general piece of mind in knowing that the vehicle you are selling is in a good working safe order for another person to take over.


An After Repair Vehicle Inspection consists of organising an inspection on your own vehicle after repairs have been carried out.
These repairs may consist of mechanical and body repairs which you may wish to find out if the repairs were carried out in a satisfactory manner & to verify if the repairs were actually even carried out. This inspection will give you piece of mind that the repairer which repaired your vehicle was true to their word and all paid work was done so in an appropriate and satisfactory way which meets your manufacturers specifications.


A dealer End Of Warranty Vehicle Inspection consists of organising to get a vehicle inspected that you have already purchased which is still in the active warranty period – This statutory warranty consists of 3 months or 5,000km from the date of sale (whichever occurs first). This applies to second hand vehicles that have traveled less than 160,000 km and are less than 10 years old. Some types of vehicles are excluded from this warranty – These would include commercial and luxury vehicles.


A Manufacturer EOW (End Of Warranty) Vehicle Inspection consists of organising to get a vehicle inspected that you have already purchased brand new or second hand which is still under manufactures warranty – This warranty is usually between 3-5 years after purchase but varies on the manufacturer and the plan selected at time of purchase. Any faults detected with the vehicle will be reported back to our clients which can be used as documentation to carry out any necessary repairs based on the components which are covered under the warranty plan.


A Dispute Vehicle Inspection consists of organising to get a vehicle inspected that you have come to encounter unfair treatment from insurance or another party – You can use our professional assessment and report to appeal against a situation that you feel was not adequately in your favour or wrong doing towards you.


Our Finance / Lender Inspections can suit consumer or company checks. Whether its in regards to assets, pre-purchase or identification, be rest assured that we cover it all. Through this service previous and current vehicle condition will be available to determine future financial liabilities. Our detailed reports meet the requirements of all lenders.


Our Company / Fleet Inspections provide accurate piece of mind and knowledge on current wear and tear on each particular vehicle. Companies can actively know the value of their fleet in regards to damages and repairs when the end of lease period comes around. Through this vehicle financials of the business become more profitable.


  • Personalised and confidential

  • Experienced and licensed technicians

  • No affiliations with any car dealerships

  • Same day report and response

  • Attending is not required.

  • European & Prestige vehicle experts

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