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KJ Khilla

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What a phenomenal experience! I was referred here by a friend and am grateful for the advice. I have called on Sydney Premium Vehicle Inspections twice for a car in Balmain as well as Sutherland. Being a female, I really rely on trust and integrity of a service. Such a personable delivery and outstanding integrity in their product.

Not knowing much about cars, it’s easy to feel exploited even if you’re paying for someone to have your best interests. It has never been a concern with these guys and if anything, they’ve come down to my level to help me understand and feel comfortable with the outcomes they’ve found giving their own personal opinion. My measure, “would you put your mum in it?” Which they have no trouble answering for me.
I love that type of honesty and am so deeply satisfied with SPVI that I have begun referring them to my friends also as you will too!

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