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COMPONENTS THAT WE INSPECT We really go above and beyond when it comes to carrying out a car inspection, our service is unique and second to none. Everything is gone over with a fine tooth comb and we make sure we exceed our clients expectations. Here are some of the components that we check during the car inspection: Engine Operation C02 Head Gasket Leakage Test Fluid Levels Covers / Pipes Noises Leaks Smoke Visible Engine Mounts External Damage Operation Master Cylinder Brake Booster Brake Disc Rotors Brake Pads & Calipers Fluid Moisture Content Hand Brake Operation Leaks Piping Wheel Condition Tyre Life Remaining Spare Tyre Hoses Pipes Fittings & Joints Damage Leaks Odour Cooling System Pressure Test Levels Concentrate / Inhibitor Hoses / Fittings Radiator Cap Overflow & Expansion Tank Water Pump Fans Cosmetic Condition Damage Evident Windscreens Digital Paint Depth Analysis Previous Accident Damage Lenses Sunroof Convertible Top Sub Frames / Cross Members Chassis Rust / Surface Corrosion Scan Vehicle [...]
Don’t risk buying someone else’s expensive problems, get it inspected
CARS WE HAVE INSPECTED We have inspected many cars during the years in all different makes and models. Some turned out to be great, some turned out to be complete nightmares which saved our clients thousands of dollars. Below are examples of some really great cars that we have inspected.


Unlimited Listings, Any Vehicle Type
CONTACT US BUSINESS HOURS QUICK INSPECTION ENQUIRY We Service All Areas Of Sydney, Central Coast & Wollongong 


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TYPES OF SERVICES & INSPECTIONS Our business offers many different types of services and inspections depending on what our clients demands are. They can also be customised to suit particular requests from individuals or companies. All of our inspections are mobile which we attend wherever the vehicle is located. They are backed by a highly detailed easy to understand report which specifically identifies faults, condition and future suggestions regarding the vehicle.A Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection consists of organising to get a vehicle inspected before purchase OR before sighting the vehicle especially for interstate customers. This is the most popular type of inspection which includes a full comprehensive detailed inspection of the vehicle, extensive photos if required, vehicle history certificate & diagnostic scanning if requested. Verbal communication will be provided after completion of the inspection, a comprehensive inspection report & a vehicle history certificate will be sent to you the same day.A Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspection consists of organising a vehicle inspection on your own vehicle before you decided to put it up on the market for sale. This type of ins [...]

Sydney's most comprehensive and detailed inspection on the market. We thrive on going that extra mile to cover the vital areas of your vehicle that others miss, or do not include.


We specialise in EXTENSIVE diagnostic scanning. All of our computer diagnostics are uniquely setup to suit each particular make and model to retrieve hidden faults and data that is regularly missed with generic scanning.


We are open and take bookings 7 days a week until late! Feel free to give one of our friendly operators a call to arrange a booking at your convenience or speak directly to one of our technicians to ask for specific requests for your inspection.

Our Pre Purchase car inspections give you priceless knowledge of the vehicles current condition and history. Your decision with the purchase will be effortless and you will be armed with room for negotiating.Our End Of Warranty checks are very crucial after purchasing a brand new vehicle. During the warranty period, the dealer may not expo [...]

Welcome to Sydney's elite vehicle inspection service..

Here at Sydney Premium Vehicle Inspections we offer a service and satisfaction like no other. There are many reasons why we differ from the rest and why our dedication to our clients is like no other. Unlike other companies, our inspectors are highly trained technicians which are constantly updating their knowledge and education to be up to date with the latest technology and control systems.

Modern day vehicles are very complex and are very different to vehicles 10 years ago and prior - Not just any local mechanic or inspector can carry out such a detailed task on a advanced piece of machinery. Highly trained technicians with extensive knowledge of mechanical, electrical and chassis experience are a necessity. Due to this we have to keep updating our skills and knowledge to be able to deal with these complex systems.

All of our inspectors are still currently in the industry and still are affiliated with modern day vehicles. 

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