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Most Detailed Car Inspection Sydney
Over 250 Points Checked!


Sydney’s most comprehensive and detailed inspection on the market. We thrive on going that extra mile to cover the vital areas of your vehicle that others miss, or do not include.

Diagnostic Scanning - Computer Testing
Latest Scanners & Software


We specialise in EXTENSIVE diagnostic scanning. All of our computer diagnostics are uniquely setup to suit each particular make and model to retrieve hidden faults and data that is regularly missed with generic scanning.

Open 7 Days a Week for Mobile Car Inspections
Open 7 days to suit your needs


We are open and take bookings 7 days a week until late! Feel free to give one of our friendly operators a call to arrange a booking at your convenience or speak directly to one of our technicians to ask for specific requests for your inspection.

Pre Purchase

Our Pre Purchase car inspections give you priceless knowledge of the vehicles current condition and history. Your decision with the purchase will be effortless and you will be armed with room for negotiating.

End Of Warranty

Our End Of Warranty checks are very crucial after purchasing a brand new vehicle. During the warranty period, the dealer may not expose all faults with your vehicle to avoid them costly repairs. Be sure your vehicle is checked independently before this period is over.

Finance Inspections

Our Finance Inspections can suit consumer or company checks. These days its nearly mandatory to have an inspection when getting finance on a second hand vehicle. We have you covered, our reports meet the requirements of all lenders.

European Specialists

Our services cater for all makes and models however we have become reputable and trusted from our specialty field, European and High Performance Vehicles. We cover all Exotic, Prestige, Luxury and High Performance Japanese Vehicles.


Welcome to Sydney Premium Vehicle Inspections!

You might be asking yourself, what makes them so different to all the other car inspection companies? Why should I give them the task to check my car?

Your answer will lie somewhere along the lines of quality, perfection, experience, knowledge and TRUST!

Unlike the others, we are 100% truly independent  and DO NOT have any affiliation with any car dealers, auction houses OR any other parties – We truly work for our clients and provide a tailor made service covering all mobile car / vehicle inspections which are private and confidential unless specified.

Our inspectors are NOT old retired mechanics or panel beaters that were in the trade 30 years ago which have outdated qualifications and knowledge that are incapable of today’s modern day technologically advanced vehicles – Our inspectors are hand picked which by far exceed basic mechanical knowledge and requirements that are found in other companies. We are always updating our knowledge, skills & equipment to comply with all current modern day vehicles, makes and models.

We are known and have become reputable for taking the inspection process to the next level and going way beyond the expected – We thrive for attention to detail and provide a unique specialised service which exceeds the general “once over” which is the industry standard. Every inspection is taken very seriously and we cater for all of our client’s requests.

Our end goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service and information to have a clear understanding of current vehicle status and eliminate the guessing game. We carry out vehicle inspections on all makes and models, however we specialise on prestige and high performance vehicles.

Give us a call today & experience the difference…


We Service All Areas Of Sydney, Central Coast & Wollongong 


Over 250 Points Checked


Over 25 Years Experience


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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